Ayurveda Pharmacology




Pharmacology – The science of drugs is known as ” Pharmacology Pharmacon ( drug ) + logos ( science ) = Pharmacology

Pharmcodynamics – The study of effects of drugs on the body is known as ‘ Pharmacodynamics ‘ .

Pharmacokinetics -The study of bodies reaction towards the drug is known as “ Pharmacokinetics ‘ .

Drug – A substance that is used for diagnosis , treatment and prevention of diseases is known as a ‘ Drug ‘

Father of Pharmacology – Oswald Schmiedeberg

Essential drugs – As per WHO Essential drugs are ‘those that satisfv the priority health care needs of the population’.

Bio-availability – The rate and extent of absorption of a drug from a given dosage. It is determined by drugs concentration – time curve in blood or by its excretion in the urine.

Synergism – The action of one drug is facilitated o increased by the other drug; this relationship is known as ‘Synergism’.

Antagonism – The action of one drug is decreased or abolished by the other drug; this relationship is known as ‘Antagonism’.

Drug dosage – The appropriate amount of a drug needed to produce required degree of response is known as its dosage.

Adverse drug effect – An undesirable or unintended consequence of a drug administration is known as ‘Adverse drug effect’.

Pharmacovigilence- The science and activities related to the recognition, evaluation, understanding andprevention of adverse effects or any complications related to drugs is known as Pharmacovigilence’.

Drug Nomenclature

A drug has three categories of names –

  1. Chemical name
  2. Non-proprietary name
  3. Proprietary name

Routes of Drug Administration

  1. Local routes
    a. Topical
    b. Intra-arterial
    c. Intra-articular
  2. Systemic routes
    a. Oral
    b. Sub-lingual/ Buccal
    c. Rectal
    d. Cutaneous
    e. Inhalation
    f. Nasal
    g. Parenteral
    i. Subcutaneous (s.c.)
    ii. Intra-muscular (i.m.)
    iii. Intra-venous (i.v.)
    iv. Inter-dermal

Routes of Drug Excretion

  1. Urine
  2. Feces/ stool
  3. Saliva
  4. Sweat
  5. Exhaled air
  6. Milk

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